Lily Pad?

At the end of last summer, I was lucky enough to have a new workroom built in my back garden.  I had lots of crafty supplies that were just gathering dust in boxes, so this was a great chance to get them out and play.

I’m going to use the blog mainly as a reminder for myself of the things I achieve from my new hideaway.




And now for something completely different. Daughter #2 wanted a blanket after seeing her sister’s. She chose a super chunky yarn. I’ve never used this before, so it’s a strange experience because it builds up really quickly. Still deciding whether I like it.

I’ve wanted to use the waffle stitch for some time now. When my daughter complained about feeling cold in her living room, it was the ideal opportunity to get hooking again. I used a wave stitch around the edge because I didn’t want something which would be overpowered by the dense texture of the waffle. Pretty happy with the results :)